Construction Management

Our Construction Management Team manages our client’s interests by getting involved from the initial planning stage. First, we orchestrate the details based on established goals and developed a comprehensive budget. Then, we work closely with our design professionals and owners to optimize project design, maintain schedule and cost, and manage the oversight of the permits approval process. We negotiate a guaranteed price to ensure our client receives the lowest price from qualified subcontractors. In the construction phase, our construction team monitors and coordinate daily construction progress, as well as quality control and closeout. The end-result is a project that is completed on time, within budget, and in accordance with all specified requirements.


LC3 Solutions, LLC partners with the best and qualified architects, engineers, local subcontractors, and suppliers; giving us an advantage over the competition. LC3 Solutions, LLC takes pride in providing highly trained professional staff members who are exceptionally well-qualified. Our staff’s capability spans across a broad spectrum of institutional knowledge and professional expertise regarding our company’s products and services. During the Design/Build process, we assemble an “A TEAM” that is best suited for our client’s project specific needs. With this approach, we provide maximum project accountability for all phases of the building process. Most of all, our Design/Build Team enjoys working with clients who know what they want, because it simplifies the delivery process, design services procurement, and construction services. This also offers the convenience of dealing with a single source delivery. Our team combines the design, permitting, and construction schedules to better streamline the requisite processes.


Services include

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