Professional Services

LC3 Solutions is dedicated to providing our customers with support throughout all areas of operation. Our array of professional services ensures a smooth and seamless transition from phase-in to phase-out period. Our team members are experienced professionals prepared to support our customer in meeting and exceeding project goals at the highest level of efficiency in both time and cost.  LC3 Solution takes pride in supporting our clients by creating and implementing comprehensive Acquisition Support Services, Program/Project Management and Cyber Security.  Our clients include the department of defense and commercial sectors for management consulting, compliance and construction. While maintaining our construction capability, LC3 Solutions entered the government contracting space in 2017 to provide defensive personal services to the Department of Defense and other federal agencies. Services include: Acquisition Support Services, Project Management and Cyber Security.

Acquisition Support Services

LC3 Solutions provides a full spectrum of acquisition management and acquisition support services to government and commercial clients.  Our acquisition staff have over 35 years of acquisition combined experience working with government agencies (hold Defense Acquisition University (DAU) and Federal Acquisition Institute (FAI) certifications, including DAWIA and FAC-C- Level III Certifications) and private industry. This enables us to better understand our client’s needs, including the intricacies of government funding and fiscal requirements.  LC3 Solutions’ contracts and acquisition staff members specialize in performing full cradle to grave contracting in the acquisition of products and services such as construction/infrastructure/A&E, information technology- Cyber Security and basic commodities. Services provided include the award of various contract types such as fixed-price, cost-reimbursement, and indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (IDIQ). Our services includes: 


- Acquisition Planning
- Acquisition Strategy Development - Solicitation
- Source Selection/Methodologies
- Negotiation (POM/PNM)
- Contract Award
- Post Award Support
- Contract Close-out
- Quality Assurance
- Contract Admin
- Auditing and Compliance

Project Management

Projects are temporary activities by nature with the goal of delivering unique business objectives. Successful project management requires discipline at both the individual and organizational levels. LC3 Solutions delivers expertise and experience to clients to overcome challenges.

- Project Planning
- Governance
- Management
- Quality Assurance
- Quality Control
- Performance Management

Cyber Security

We are experts in advanced cyber security on both defensive and offensive sides, to defend and target domestic and global networks. Our technical competency is a Full Spectrum Cyber Operations dealing with computer security management, incident response, and security threat assessment. Our threat-based methodology is focused on leveraging knowledge and intelligence beyond fundamental cyber hygiene and information assurance. LC3 Solutions’ provides a collaborative culture, and diverse set of opportunities to cross train our staff to better serve our client.  We work to expand our staff’s cyber aptitude so they can be ready for the future of cybersecurity challenges through working in areas such as: 

- Threat Response and Monitoring
- Penetration Test
- Incident Report
- Breach Detection
- Threat Detection
- Active Defense
- Vulnerability Management
- Governance
- Risk and Compliance
- Training/ Consulting

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