Department of the State

Paint Room Paint wall, wood trim, doors, clean carpet, replace damaged window caulk around glass panes.

FEMA Region VI

Construction/ Asbestos Abatement -Abate 2807 SF of asbestos mastic tiles and removed carpet/cove base from FEMA Building-Jade room command center and Native Nations Room. Installed new carpet/cove base and touch-up/paint wall/ wood base. Completed a week ahead of schedule -Abate 1,595SF asbestos wall. Installed new drywall, relocate electrical wiring and paint wall.


Construction and Abatement/Lead- IDIQ -Abatement 7,740SF asbestos mastic and tiles, removed carpet, cove base. Installed new carpet squares, cove base, float flooring, touch-up/paint walls in Bldg. 1921. Completed ahead of schedule -Abatement 532SF asbestos mastic and tiles, walls and installed new vinyl tiles, cove base, wall/paint in the rooms in bldg. 237, 402 and 1090. Completed ahead of schedule

VA Medical Center in Phoenix, AZ

Asbestos/Mold Abatement Abate asbestos and mold remediation rooms at Phoenix VA Hospital based on the need of our client.

VA Medical Center in Arkansas

LC3 Solutions disassembled and disposed of four Kardex Carousel Lektrievers at the Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare. LC3 Solutions was responsible for all methods of lektriever removal to include equipment, coordination, and personnel. The team was also responsible for clearing the path and disconnecting all electrical power and any equipment before safely removing the lektrievers. Once the lektriever removal was completed, our team cleared the floor of all debris.

Fort Hood, TX US. Corps of Engineer/ ASJ Construction, LLC

Mold Remediation/ Minor Construction Mold remediation from soldier barracks rooms on three floors, Demo/install new wood flooring, removed/ kitchen cabinets in several rooms located in building 10037;
-Remediate mold in mechanical room in building 87013 Stack 6 in between room 633 & 634
-Remediate mold in room 316 and room 321 at building 10021

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